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and documentaries in spanish max's to you. breaking news will turn into bangalore hidden stories. it is. okies for no more visits to iowa to go because you don't comb exactly what happened that day. i don't know what a lonely guy killed. years later is harder for us to pour. for current and ideals we have been numerous cases where the sun was just lying down polygraph results. its people and you can see the results are still the people anymore but it just happened really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like men. no because the psychological techniques are more in obtaining confessions and physical abuse. they were asked if they can do what they wanted they decide what they want there was no evidence of what they did for one night stand. ukraine is prepared to some of my multiple should deal with the european union at the end of this month would guarantee the former soviet republic free trade access. as the country's car industry ready for the change of season excuse risky investments and three the association agreement with the eu is being sold to the korean a
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and documentaries in spanish what max's to you. breaking news i will turn into bangalore hidden stories. due to it. ortiz. for no more to chew on it. he built home welcome back to watching the weekly here on rt. eight months in over a dozen guantanamo bay inmates still remain on hunger strike protesting their indefinite detention and the alleged use of torture camps of staff is force feeding those refusing to eat. a procedure that has been described as a brutal and extremely painful. he summons the future cannot travel to the notorious prison to investigate what is really happening there the guantanamo every morning at eight am. the us national anthem. you've got to cross the state holds america's most analysts present no one likes to be spent on along with a hat on the torture of hunger strikes and suicides have marked this place since two thousand and two near human beings after all there's no reason expected to enjoy the new year. no we don't pretend otherwise prisoners held indefinitely in the name of the never ending war and terror whether they're innocent and it is not the one job for you to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3